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TV and Radio Monitoring Service

Internet and Social Media Monitoring

Today’s fast-paced news world has placed ever-increasing demands on communications professionals. Events changed by the minute and it’s critical that you stay informed about the topics that affect your business. Make better business decisions by turning your earned media exposure into business intelligence. With our media monitoring portal you gain access to the most complete TV, Radio, Web, Social Media and published content available. And achieve unprecedented control over your communications efforts. By merging all the tools you need into one easy-to-use dashboard you can review, organize, analyze, share, and store all your media content. One single interface saves time while increasing the value of your efforts. Watch as we show you how simple it is to manage and measure your media exposure. You’ll notice our cloud-based platform provides access to all media metrics and stored results. Your customized broadcast results are updated within minutes of airtime, Searching against the most comprehensive data set in the United States we’re capable of delivering thousands of integrated results from TV,Radio, Web, Social Media and Print. Our unique footprint means we offer best-in-class local broadcast coverage including over 20,000 hours of indexed Radio every month. We can also integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media content and we can even provide TRUE print monitoring from any web browser. You can easily organize your media coverage and sort it into user-defined folders create data sets then output or analyze your selected stories for most media types. We even provide qualitative measures that allow you to better gauge the value and impact of a story. The power of our robust analysis tab allows you to quickly and efficiently display your results in a variety of customizable charts and graphs you can use in reports and presentations. Integrated into our results page is the ability to watch or listen to the industry’s highest quality previews of the actual report this streaming video option allows you to view breaking or archive news coverage across any operating system or mobile device as an option our clients may even edit clips in a variety of standard or high resolution formats our simple edit from preview function puts the power of editing in your hands. Clips you edit will be permanently saved to your cloud-based media archive. From the archive you can view share or download your saved clips anytime anywhere you have internet access. Now with the most advanced filtering options you can quickly drill down and find stories by date, market, keyword, and other parameters. Filtered results can be shared, displayed, or further analyzed for greater insight. Selected stories or filtered results can be displayed and delivered via email in either word or HTML formats. For those who like to analyze their results you can output to an Excel spreadsheet. Intuitive power search feature allows you to quickly and easily find any broadcast, or radio story. From there you can watch, listen, clip, and permanently store your coverage. Efficiency is what we deliver with instant access to information. A powerful set of media monitoring tools all with simple navigation, versatile, powerful, and intuitive. Turn your news monitoring into business intelligence today. Contact us for more information or an online demonstration.