“Since 1917 Magnolia has been providing quality services to business and PR Professionals alike with a concentration on quality and customer service. We strive to provide the best quality, of service to our clients at a reasonable cost… ” 

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight… ”

Overview of Services from Magnolia

Newspaper Clippings:
Traditional Newspaper Clippings: (regional service only):
This service is our traditional newspaper clipping service where Magnolia would mail articles to you every Thursday through regular First Class Mail. You will be billed at the end of each month. Articles can be clipped from daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly publications including newspapers, magazines, business journals, etc.

As an enhancement to your newspaper clipping service, you may elect to have your clippings scanned and delivered on Digitally and/or on CD-ROM. With this service, we will scan and mail all of your clippings each week and mail your disc with the final mailing of the month. Clippings may be searched, printed and emailed directly from the disc. Many clients value their permanent clipping archive. Many of those that subscribe to this service prefer us to keep their clips in our office and simply upload or mail them the CD Weekly or at the end of the month. In addition Magnolia will also permanently keep a back-up archive copy of your disc.

Magnolia Clipping and Broadcast Monitoring Service
Magnolia Clipping and Broadcast Monitoring Service

Magnolia Clipping and Broadcast Monitoring Service

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