Daily Newspaper Delivered


Comprehensive newspaper clipping service covering all of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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Local and National Cable, Satellite, and Boradcast News


Local and National television and radio monitoring and reporting services.

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Internet News, Blogs and website monitoring


State of the art aggregation and reporting; including news, blogs, and social media and more.

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Magnolia is here to help make your job easier. Advertising agencies, P.R. Firms, Politicians, large companies, small companies, construction, engineering, equipment sales, and law firms need to be able to track news articles from all over the Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi area. Magnolia, has been helping you do that for over 100 years. Magnolia is the only newspaper clipping service that actually reads real print copies of the newspaper, not relying solely upon the internet version of the articles. Magnolia is the only full service, Print, Internet, Broadcast, and Social Media monitoring Service in the region. With low cost, and the most comprehensive monitoring, Magnolia is sure to please. Before each article makes it to your inbox, it has passed a rigorous 13-step process for ensuring that the article is relevant to your search criteria. Magnolia is a family business, with proud roots, going back 4 generations. Our reputation for personalized service, and responsiveness that you will only find owners who are responsible to their clients.

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